As threats from internal and external bad actors continue to evolve and attack surfaces increase, testing the security of critical assets and infrastructure is more important than ever. LevelUP’s partnership with Pentera enables us to perform cost effective assessments that leverage their leading PenTera penetration testing platform. 


Pentera  was founded by Arik Liberzon who understood that enterprises do not have an effective means of knowing the true cyber risk that they carry, and have no way of understanding which vulnerabilities have the highest negative business impact potential. Their mission is to develop an automated cyber risk validation platform that would enable them to defend against the best of the worst-intended hackers.

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Pentera Enabled Cybersecurity Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Our Penetration Testing as a Service (“PTaaS”) offering utilizes Pentera automation to significantly reduce the time to conduct tests and increases the amount of time spent on security program enhancements. 

Multiple Deployment Capabilities

Testing can be performed on-premise (LAN access) or virtually with VPN access.

Scope Environment

Define the range of IP addresses that correspond to in-scope network segments for the assessment. 

Determine Test Type

Select the type of assessment that you want to perform based on your environment and objectives. 

Run Automated Test

Once testing rules are established, let the test run without human interaction or interference. 

Analyze and Remediate

Analyze identified vulnerabilities and determine appropriate corrective actions, including security and compliance program enhancements. 

Gaining Efficiency and Safety Through Automation  

Pentera is designed to automate certain strategic activities that have historically required significant investment of time, effort, and money. This allows you to spend less time on manual processes and more time developing strategies to secure your critical assets. 

Assessment Timelines  

By reducing the human component, Pentera can be deployed more rapidly and be configured to run when internal resources are available. Testing can be reduced from several weeks to a single day. 

Enhanced Safety

Pentera is designed to exploit vulnerabilities without making any changes to the operating environment, protecting your critical infrastructure while still providing robust testing. 

Tailored Risk Mitigation  

Pentera reporting delivers detailed recommendations based on testing results and best practices that we tailor to your environment and objectives to prioritize areas that deliver the most ROI.

Year Established
Team Size

Assessment Types

Penetration Testing

Standard internal penetration test with default settings or utilize modified settings and configurations to customize testing capabilities. 

Target Testing

Gray box or advanced start-point allow for more granular definition of penetration testing scenarios and end goals to provide more in-depth testing of specific targets. 

Selective Actions

Perform an abbreviated penetration test by selecting specific tasks and limited scope to quickly understand the vulnerabilities of a particular asset.

Vulnerability Testing 

Quickly establish a baseline of vulnerabilities for a particular network segment, host, etc. with minimal configuration. 


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