The New NIST Privacy Framework Is Here!

Just in case there aren’t enough privacy regulations, frameworks, and controls on your radar, the NIST Privacy Framework (version 1.0) has arrived! This framework represents the culmination of lengthy discussions between NIST and various privacy stakeholders in an effort to address common challenges in privacy. Because you may be familiar with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, you may wonder how the new Privacy Framework handles areas where both privacy and security are of concern to privacy practitioners. NIST indicated that the feedback from the privacy community was that increasing collaboration between security and privacy meant that both are critical to managing privacy risks. NIST created a helpful tool to show how both can be used to handle privacy risks and anticipated future updates to the Cybersecurity Framework to incorporate key privacy concepts and domains. This will certainly be helpful as cybersecurity and privacy professionals become increasingly aware of the need to collaborate on mutually beneficial program elements and control frameworks. Stay tuned for more privacy guidance from NIST!

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