CCPA Compliance

CCPA consulting services tailored to your organization’s priorities  

We help organizations understand the applicable regulatory requirements, assess their organizational readiness, and develop a CCPA project roadmap and implementation strategy

These services are designed to meet your organization’s unique priorities and provided by subject matter experts in data privacy and security with extensive knowledge of privacy program development, regulatory assessments, and technology enablement. The LevelUP team has broad experience developing privacy policies and procedures, operationalizing practices, and delivering custom solutions to streamline business activities, aligning to the applicable regulatory requirements. 

CCPA Information Lifecycle  

Conduct scoping and discovery activities to identify the lifecycle of personal information (PI) including collection, use, and storage across the organization, applicable service providers, and third parties with whom PI is shared. 

CCPA Gap Assessment 

Benchmark the people, processes, and technologies against the relevant CCPA requirements. This enables us to provide detailed and actionable recommendations to enhance current practices for alignment with the CCPA.

CCPA Program & Technology Enhancement

Design and implement a program to align with the requirements of the CCPA. Integrate and manage requirements through a customizable technology solution, allowing for efficient management of the CCPA program. 

CCPA Managed Services

Manage ongoing compliance program activities, such as PIAs and DPIAs, data subject rights and website consent by engaging a team dedicated to assessing, monitoring, and reporting with a deep level of expertise.


The CPRA (CCPA 2.0) Passed, What Organizations Need to Know

In November 2020, the people of California voted “yes” to Proposition 24, which calls for the amendment of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), passed in 2018. The California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”) will supersede the CCPA and will add stronger privacy protections to California consumers.


Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Data?

Imagine if you went onto Amazon and there was no search engine, no history of what you viewed, no semblance to how the site functions. It would be complete and total anarchy! You would never be able to see that set of serrated steak knives that you’ve been painstakingly researching and know you need. 


The Top Potential Implications of the California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”) of 2020

On June 24,2020, the state of California announced that it had received enough votes for The California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (“CPRA”) to appear on the California’s November 2020 general election ballot.n or other business combination or separation can provide insights into an organization’s true value.   


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