HIPAA Compliance

Understand and improve your alignment with the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules through our HIPAA Consulting Services. 


Strengthen your HIPAA Compliance Program

Our HIPAA Consulting Services are flexible to fit the needs of any organization while ensuring compliance obligations are achieved. Our subject matter experts have extensive HIPAA compliance expertise helping both Covered Entities and Business Associates.

LevelUP is the chosen HIPAA compliance partner for organizations of all sizes; from large enterprises with operations throughout the United States, down to small start-ups, and everything in between. 

LevelUP commonly assist organizations with:
  • Assessment of current HIPAA program, including all three safeguards required

  • Implementing operational and technical enhancements

  • Enhancing program efficiencies through the deployment of various cutting-edge technologies

  • Supporting program operations on a day-to-day basis

  • Benchmark operational and technical safeguards

  • Performing a risk analysis which utilizes NIST-based standards

  • Developing remediation plans to address compliance gaps appropriate to the size of the organization

  • Evaluation of existing security policies and procedures


Our team understands the regulatory and operational challenges that comes with protecting PHI and ePHI. LevelUP can help you better understand how to address and respond to these challenges while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Evidence to Support Your Assertions

There are no HIPAA seals or certifications that are accepted by the HHS’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR), the enforcement body of HIPAA. However, the LevelUP team produces deliverables and artifacts that allow you to demonstrate your alignment and compliance to each HIPAA requirement.

HIPAA Done Right

We understand the nuances of the HIPAA Standards and why HIPAA compliance cannot be treated with a check-the-box approach. The LevelUP’s team experiences include supporting 100s of organizations with identifying and managing risks, ensuring compliance obligations are achieved, and assisting with operationalizing compliance practices in a cost-effective manner.

HIPAA Professional Support

Unsurpassed customer support that ensures all our clients are satisfied, no matter how big or small the project. LevelUP ensures continuity of support by having the same team assigned throughout the entire life cycle of the project. All team members are always available by phone and email.

Complete Understanding

Our experiences go beyond your traditional healthcare providers, having assisted a full range of business associates including a long list of medical device companies, healthcare technology platforms, and various service organizations.

HIPAA Scoping & Defining the Information Lifecycle

Conduct scoping and discovery activities to identify the information life cycle of protected health information through the collection, use, and storage.

  • Identify where PHI and ePHI is stored, received, maintained or transmitted
  • Identify IT systems and applications involved in the processing of ePHI
  • Identify third parties that are used to process ePHI and personal information as part of the business process

Deliverables include:

  • Inventory of in-scope systems, applications, processes, and third-parties
  • System validation against HIPAA’s Safeguards

HIPAA Gap Assessment

Benchmark the people, documentation, processes, and technical safeguards against the relevant HIPAA requirements implemented at an organization enabling LevelUP to provide detailed and actionable recommendations. Our rigorous HIPAA Gap Assessment combines industry leading standards and frameworks such as NIST CSF and ISO 27001 to ensure greater assurance.

  • Evaluation of your compliance with the Security Rule and the Privacy Rule
  • Assess current HIPAA security controls alongside NIST CSF and ISO 27001 security controls
  • Identify your current gaps and assess current security measures used to safeguard PHI

Deliverables include:

  • Fully documented compliance assessment, including identified remediation activities
  • Detailed roadmap for alignment to the HIPAA Security Rule and Privacy Rule

HIPAA Risk Analysis

Conduct a HIPAA Risk Analysis leveraging the results from the HIPAA Gap Assessment to identify potential threats and risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of PHI and ePHI while ensuring compliance with HIPAA Standards and implementation specifications. Our analysis and experts leverage the results to provide visibility into your organization’s potential exposure and help you prepare and coordinate compliance activities.

  • Identify potential risks and vulnerabilities and document the resulting impact to your organization
  • Determine the potential impact from the identified risks and threats

Deliverables include:

  • Comprehensive risk analysis detailing findings, observations, and recommendations
  • Risk register detailing alignment and non-alignment of technical and nontechnical controls, including recommendations for areas of enhancement

HIPAA Program Maturity

Implement recommended practices, control enhancements, documentation, training, and technology that continues to mature the organizations’ HIPAA Compliance Program. Leveraging the results from the HIPAA Gap Assessment and Risk Analysis, our team can help you coordinate and execute identified remediation activities. 

  • Establish a risk management and governance program, including managing risks from third parties

  • Perform ongoing compliance gap and risk remediation

  • Annual security risk analyses and compliance assessment

  • HIPAA policy and procedures development

  • Implement Security and Privacy Awareness Program

  • Perform annual penetration testing and security controls testing

  • Strengthen your incident and breach response playbook

  • Security Advisory and Consulting


Monitoring the COVID-19 Consumer Data Protection Act

On April 30, 2020, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation announced plans to introduce the COVID-19 Consumer Data Protection Act to regulate data collection and use during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Accounting for the Hidden Risks in Business Continuity Planning

For many organizations, business continuity planning has been a way to address broad and well-known organizational disruption from natural disasters, cyber threats, illness, and other events.


HIPAA, Telehealth, and the Evolving Healthcare Landscape

Given the evolving implications of COVID-19 and its rapid influence on the healthcare industry, the manner in which healthcare services are delivered will continue to change the way patients seek and obtain medical care. 


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