LevelUP’s Cybersecurity Service provides measurable risk mitigation so you can articulate your progress in securing the assets that matter most.

Our Approach

To determine the priorities that should power your security program, we consider a range of drivers:

  • Regulations with general security requirements (e.g. GDPR, CCPA)
  • More prescriptive requirements (e.g. PCI DSS, HIPAA)
  • Industry standards and frameworks (e.g. SOC2, ISO, NIST)
  • External expectations from customers and third-party contracts
Holistic View

We take a holistic view of assessing your security environment, evaluating your current control environment against evolving threats and vulnerabilities. We then develop a risk-informed approach to help you with prioritization, remediation, and ongoing strategy to revitalize the security program.

We work together with our clients on delivering remediation projects, strengthening security against the high-risk scenarios, and improving the organizational response when it matters most. We provide up-to-date guidance on hot topics along the way.

LevelUP works across organizational boundaries as a trusted partner to Information Security and Compliance teams, ensuring consensus and buy-in around the highest identified risks, and what needs to be done to strengthen the security posture and control environment. 


We evaluate and enhance our clients’ cybersecurity posture to further align with best practices and mitigate the likelihood and impact of security events.  

Audit and Advisory

LevelUP works across organizational boundaries as a trusted partner to cybersecurity and compliance teams to ensure consensus and buy-in around the highest identified risks, and how to strengthen security posture and control environment.  

Risk Analysis and Risk Assessments  

We help with development and performance of customized risk analyses and assessments to satisfy regulatory requirements and industry standards. We identify threats and vulnerabilities, document risk, and develop action plans to track, mitigate and ultimately reduce risks to organizational assets.  

Maturity Assessment and Roadmap 

We educate your organization about the current state and develop customized roadmaps and security frameworks. This enables you to gain visibility into current capabilities and articulate your path forward to stakeholders at all levels.

Asset Risk Prioritization  

LevelUP provides bespoke methodologies to prioritize systems and assets in accordance with your organization’s goals and regulatory compliance needs. Asset and risk prioritization assist leadership in making informed decisions for cybersecurity investments.  


Focused on defining the practical steps, accountability, timelines, and prioritization of items needed to get the job done and increase security, bespoke reporting (e.g. KRIs, KPIs, and control dashboards) provides you with clear oversight of current cybersecurity maturity. 

Incident and Breach Response Preparedness   

We assist with updating, testing, and enhancing your organizational and third-party incident and breach response programs, and creating and implementing new incident response, crisis management, and breach notification plans and tools.  


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